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Introducing Dolfinos, Switzerland

Creating highest quality ergonomic and comfort solutions with true value for musicians on the basis of fair pay and fair treatment in a sustainable global economy.

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For consumers who think our prices are too high for the value they get and that our products are either calculated poorly or driven by making a profit on the cost of the end-user, please read about pricing basics below.


Dolfinos Systems for Violin & Viola: Limited Air Edition, Carbon Edition, Pure Edition

Dolfinos Miniput and Chinrests: Vienna, Berlin, Venezia, Lisbon, Toledo

Dolfinos Accessories: Cello Grip Foot, Pure Grip for Violin & Viola

Health Benefits

In 2013 we started with our investigations and realized that 60 – 70% of all professional violinists and violists suffer from issues with their skin, muscles, nerves, tendons, and skeleton. Our goal was to recognize musicians as super athletes and provide them with high standing equipment which match their level of professionalism and reducing their pains and the disabling impact of their posture problems.

Our technology is based on Electromyographic studies (muscle activity measurements during performance) and systematic motion video analysis done by the ETH Exercise Physiology Lab at the Department of Health Sciences in Zurich. With our innovations we can help musicians visibly reduce their pains and tensions.

Only after being on the market for 1 year, DOLFINOS was granted to a German music professional from a German Arbeitsamt for orthopaedic reasons.

Dolfinos on Pricing

See what our customers say about the benefits that come with a DOLFINOS:

"In the last years, I was searching for a better instrument. And now this: with the DOLFINOS my instrument has become what I was looking for. That is so amazing as it saved me a lot of money and time-consuming travellings."

"Since I play on a DOLFINOS I can express myself much better, I think this is because it is so comfortable. It just does a good job so I can fully rely on it. But the best is: I experience our long rehearsals in the opera no more as exhausting. And I don't need to drive to my physio every other week anymore!"

All the fear and stress has gone with this shoulder rest, it just never falls off.

"My teacher says: your posture is much better and so is your performance."


"Since I got my DOLFINOS from my parents they do not need to breath down my neck anymore because it i so much easier to control the instrument. I made huge progress and this motivates me to stick to it."


"The day I started to play with my DOLFINOS I felt much less tension in my body. My neck feels free and my migraine has gone. No more painkillers!"

"It’s just beguiling how my instrument sounds now. I have so much fun with my DOLFINOS."


When Patricia Kopatchinskaja first tried one of our first chin & shoulder rest prototypes, she said "Oh this feels like the best running shoe I ever had. It fits so well that I would like to immediately go for my round."

Imagine you really, really love to run every day with your running shoe. Let's say for at least 1 hour a day. What kind of running shoes would you choose? I guess you would not hesitate to splurge on a pair of shoes with more advanced technologies that go for 200 – 400 Euros, right?

And take a moment to shortly think about the fact that the price for these shoes is completely based on people and circumstances we call low-cost production environments, where human beings, like us, risk their health, lose their dignity and the best part of their life.

Now consider our innovation to be a superior running shoe and add two questions in front:

  1. Would you expect to find it for a cheap price around the corner or in the middle of a price battle on one of the monopolists online marketplaces?

  2. And would you expect this running shoe to last forever if you use it every day?

The answer is:

You will not find a DOLFINOS in a shopping center and it surely will last longer than any running shoe, which normally needs to be replaced every 2 years. 

You might ask "WHY is DOLFINOS different?". Let us explain why and how we try to be different: 

It is quite simple: The only reason why we create cutting edge and life-changing products for people who make music is purely because they deserve it.

Our credo is written on our walls: The best is just good enough for each of our customers.

We designed it completely old fashioned: You may repair or replace any part of our products since we strongly believe this is the only honest way to function sustainably and take climate change seriously. 

We all know, you can only buy quality cheap at the cost of those, who could never afford to learn an instrument. Therefore, our sustainability policy is not only reduced to caring for nature. Of course, we avoid pollution and recycle our products, but in our minds, human beings are also part of nature. That means our prices are based not only on quality and sustainability but at the same time, on socially responsible workplaces.

Consequently, we ask you: Please do not compare a DOLFINOS with a chin rest made by unprotected and exploited workers in India or a shoulder rest produced in slavery-like factories of which we all know don't only exist in the far east.

A DOLFINOS is a new product category “Made in Switzerland”, period.

You may start to compare us with the dedication and professional craftsmanship of a violin maker. This comparison we would gladly accept and appreciate as most violin makers appreciate our contribution, but perhaps they would not like to be compared with us.

Therefore, we finally want to state: With the functionality, elegance and quality of our products, we strive to compete with the best Swiss watch manufacturers.

Michael Y. Wiener, Co-Founder

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