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Toledo Chinrest
Price: $125

The TOLEDO is a special newly developed standard chin rest. It is our full injection molded universal chin rest. We have designed it after our most popular model, the wooden Vienna. The left wing is lower than with a Vienna, the right side a bit shorter than Vienna. In this new design, we have included all the user feedback from around the world to make it maybe the most universal chin rest we can now offer. 
Height of chin rest, minimum - maximum extension: TOLEDO HIGH: 24mm – 34mm.TOLEDO LOW: 19mm – 29mm.
This chin rest is made of high-quality, antistatic ABS. It is therefore very comfortable and skin-friendly. The design of the TOLEDO chin rest is in accordance with expanded ergonomic standards. The chin rest is very easy to keep hygienically clean. Simply remove it from the adapter and wash it with mild soap. A clean chin rest can massively reduce the risk of allergies and skin irritation.
This chin rest is compatible with the DOLFINOS Rest System and cannot be mounted on your instrument without an original adapter from DOLFINOS. 
Is your preferred chin rest sold out or are you looking for a special chin rest solution? See our collection of unique chin rest, e.g. ultra-lightweight (below 22g) or chin rests with a special polish as well as our offer for customized chin rests here.

Toledo Chinrest

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