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Custom Instrument Set-Up

    All instruments from an entry level to the finest Stradivarius can benefit from a tailored set-up to maximize and respond to a musician's needs for music making. Thomas Yee at Bay Fine Strings has been performing custom set-ups for clients' instruments near and far to great success. The niche here is that there are few shops that can truly understand and translate demands of musicians into changes in set-up to optimize and meet specific needs and goals. Thomas has an intimate knowledge of how each material reacts, and is an expert at identifying and working with his client's needs. He does all of the advanced set-up himself and blends his obsessive practical experience as a professional musician, pedagogue, and set-up technician to translate sound, feel, and response into pro-active, positive changes. There is a near infinite set of variables to make an instrument work and resonate in harmony with the player. A multitude of itemized considerations can include:

  • Sound Post adjustment and placement

  • Bridge Wood Selection, cutting, thicknessing, length of bridge, string heights

  • Tailpiece material, length, and density along with string tuner material and density

  • Sound Post lengthening/shortening, diameter of post, selection of grain density

  • String brand choice: diameter, tension with each string, composition

  • Total string length and behind the bridge backlength adjustment

  • Tailgut material in titanium, steel cable, kevlar, kevlar/titanium blend, multifiber, nylon, gut

  • Height of the saddle/nut and spread of the string spacing

  • Neck projection (outsourced project)

  • Chinrest shape/density/placement

  • Chinrest fittings in steel, aluminum, titanium

  • End Button material

  • Plus any condition issues that need addressing

    Above is an over 20 picture scroll-through gallery of set-up work that was carried out by Bay Fine Strings on instruments. Click on the main picture to see a description. Use the contact page for inquiries if you have a set-up project in mind for Bay Fine Strings.


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