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Vienna Chinrest
Price: $175

The DOLFINOS chin rests are made of European FSC certified wood and can be height adjusted up to 1 cm for optimal comfort. Their elegant shapes have been defined by performing extensive biomechanical research to match the needs of 90% of all high-string players.
VIENNA is created with a universal design that works for most violin and viola players. Works for most playing positions from left to middle. Particularly spacious for changing and turning head positions. 
Height of chin rest, minimum - maximum extension:VIENNA: 24mm – 34mm.VIENNA LOW: 19mm – 29mm.
For those who have tested the Vienna or the Berlin, but are still looking for an alternative, we recommend our chin rests on-demand in ABS: The DOLFINOS Berber and the DOLFINOS Flesch. The Berber is closer to the Vienna and the Flesch is closer to the Berlin.
This Swiss Made chin rests is compatible with the DOLFINOS Rest System and cannot be mounted on your instrument without an original adapter from DOLFINOS.  
Is your preferred chin rest sold out or are you looking for a special chin rest solution? See our collection of unique chin rest, e.g. ultra-lightweight (below 22g) or chin rests with a special polish as well as our offer for customized chin rests here.

Vienna Chinrest

Chinrest Color
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