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​How Do I Place An Order and Make Payments?

All Bay Fine Strings Atelier inventory,  and Instruments under $2500 are available for immediate sale unless marked through the website shopping cart check out.  You will be notified immediately and refunded if your item is found to be backordered. Prices of inventory over $2500 are given out by inquiry and those purchases are made separately from our website shopping cart. Prices for Inventory above $2500 are given out by request. Contact us by filling the form out in the contact page of the website about the items of interest for us to assist you. For payments we accept all forms of payment: credit cards, wire transfers, personal check, cash, etc.

Requesting Approvals for Instruments

Instruments and bows will have to sign a written agreement that allows clients to have 7 days from approval signing to decide on purchasing instrument(s) or return undamaged instrument(s) in original condition to Bay Fine Strings. When this approval invoice is signed, item(s) become the sole and complete responsibility to the client for their care and return. If the item is shipped out for approval, responsibility will incur to the client at the time of shipping delivery. Our economical and safe shipping for bows is usually $10-30 one-way depending on location, about $25-75 for violins one-way, double for roundtrip pre-paid return shipping.

Item(s) returned damaged (cracked), marred, worn, will either incur repair fees, or in the case theft, misplacement, or major damage, the client will have to pay partial or full valuation of item(s) of the instrument(s) for a replacement. This determination will be made at the discretion of Bay Fine Strings.

A valid credit card and picture id for documentation is required for all approvals. A quote for shipping will be made and charged for by email credit card payment request. Upon payment receipt, approvals will be shipped out. Clients are responsible for shipping approvals back packed safely to the mail carrier and timing of the shop's choice. If an item is bought, any return shipping of other items will be paid by the shop in the form of a prorated discount at cost to the client.

It is the responsibility of the client to purchase or return item(s) to Bay Fine Strings at an agreed time to the San Jose storefront shop location, or San Francisco area studio if an initial remote viewing was made, whichever is more convenient for both parties. This meeting communication made must be arranged with Bay Fine Strings before approval period end.

Returns & Exchanges

Invoices are made when payments are made in full (check payable to Bay Fine Strings), the transfer of ownership of the item will be made. This agreement of sale is made final.

Strings and Accessories may be returned if no usage has been detected whatsoever and the original packaging is intact and not marred or ripped.

Bay Fine Strings Atelier Instruments & bows purchased here ($1000 and over in individual valuation) may be traded in for 100% of the value (pending it is in the same condition minus wear and tear) for an instrument upgrade to Bay Fine Strings Atelier for another Bay Fine Strings Atelier or Shop Collection instrument of at least 50% more of its value, minus any maintenance repairs needed to bring the exchanged instruments back into saleable condition. To trade in for antiques and modern master makers, trade in credit valuation is on a case by case basis determined at in the original sales invoice at time of purchase. Consigned items are final sales only.

A 65% trade-in value can be made for prior Bay Fine Strings instrument & bow purchases of $500 and over towards a purchase between 150% to 199% of its original value, minus any devaluation due to wear and tear. Bay Fine Strings reserves the right to void any trade-in towards an upgrade at its discretion when condition issues are present in instrument. Retain the original invoice for your records as proof of sale price for trade-in valuation.

Consignment Items and Case purchases are final sales.


100% Monthly rental credit can be accrued towards the purchase of the next size instrument and in the next tier up or better (i.e. Premiere rental to Golden Gate purchase or better)

Clients can continue to rent into the next size, however with each new size rented, accumulated monthly accrued credit is calculated by quality level. For example, if a client rents instruments from 1/4 to 3/4, clients can retain 100% credit towards a  Moderne or 4th tier quality instrument 4/4 size. If no continued rental or purchase is made, rental deposits are not accrued for subsequent future sizes.

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