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Dolfinos Cello Grip Foot

The DOLFINOS Cello Grip-Foot is the first endpin solution that enables the player complete independence from any complicated setups on different floor types.

It has one single docking element, which connects the cello to a “foot” that gives an open range of movements for the cellist, whilst simultaneously providing a safe and secure hold wherever the cello is placed on the floor.

The placing of the pin position can be easily changed whenever without having to remove or reposition the Grip-Foot. Most importantly it sticks to any kind of flooring: wood, carpet, fitted carpet, linoleum and even marble. 

Absolutely nothing must be changed to the existing set-up of the cello. Much like a shoe, you simply slide the Cello Grip-Foot onto the endpin and that’s it.

The Cello Grip-Foot is available in two different versions:

  • Standard Edition: The endpin is fixed with a screw on the side of the Cello Grip-Foot. Works for spikes that are: 
    • Minimum length of the spike: 20mm
    • Diameter of the spike: 6.5 - 7.2mm
  • M6 Thread Edition: For unscrewable endpins that have an M6 thread. A special coupling piece is included in this edition. The M6 Thread Edition comes with a magnetic lock and allows a very user-friendly click and go connectivity.

The coupling part of the Cello Grip-Foot, where the spike is inserted, has an inner diameter of 9.9mm. If the diameter of your spike is between 7.3mm-9.8mm, you can use the system without the supplied rubber sleeve and use tape instead. 

On request, we are able to offer a custom-made special solution for endpins with diameters that exceed the dimension of 9.8mm. However, the length of the endpin must be at least 20mm in any case. Get in touch for more details. 

Please note that this product is not refundable.


The Cello Grip-Foot is designed to help your stand exactly where you want to have it, secure and safe, regardless of what type of floor you’re playing on and at what angle you position your cello. Therefore, this DOLFINOS product, like all our Swiss quality inventions, enables you to focus on the music and performing at your highest level.

The ultimate and hassle free endpin solution for all types of floors: parquet, linoleum, marble, fitted carpet

Even sticks on dusty surfaces

No more troublesome mounting of strings and threads that disturb your performance

Provides stability and more freedom of movement

Allows faster learning success - focus on your playing without worrying about the endpin slipping

Customer-friendly and sustainable thanks to our changeable grip sole

Suitable for standard endpins and threadened endpins (M6 size)

Sound tested technology

Dolfinos Cello Grip Foot

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