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Dolfinos Pure Grip Pad for Violin and Viola

The PURE Grip Pad’s innovative micro-lamella structure, inspired by the gecko’s ability to stick to any surface, gives a gentle, yet effective, grip on skin and textile. The materials used are skin-friendly.


The PURE Grip Pad is a Swiss Made product developed in collaboration with leading scientific institutions. Thanks to the power of intelligent technology, the PURE Grip Pad easily attaches to the instrument without any glue or other adhesives that may damage the instrument (Van der Waals force).

Through the thinness and high density of the material, the PURE Grip Pad's acoustic effects are stunning.


This product allows for further stability and security. The PURE Grip Pad is compatible with the PURE Edition or other Chinrests.

Please refer to this manual for instructions on how to use your Grip Pad.

Dolfinos Pure Grip Pad for Violin and Viola

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