Recent Arrivals: 
Matt Wehling Violin Bow
Y. Chen Cello Label 70
Roman Teller Cello
Joseph Hel Violin
Anton Somers Violin
Lockey Hill Violin
W.E. Hill & Sons Violin
Vigneron Pere Cello Bow
JJ Martin Cello Bow
Morizot Freres Violin Bow
Grubaugh & Seifert Cello
Sebastian Dirr Violin, Viola & Cello Bows
Late FN Voirin Violin Bow
Lafleur Violin Bow
Tony Echavidre Violin
Magdalena Sapeta Silver Violin Bow
Doriane Bodart Violin and Cello Bow

Jihwan Park Cello

Emmanuel Begin Silver Violin, Viola & Cello Bows
Cody Kowalski Silver Cello Bow
Eric Gagne Gold Cello Bow

August Barbe Violin Bow 1890
Alessandro Gambarin Violin 2021
Dolfinos Shoulder/Chinrest Systems Violin/Viola

Soon to Arrive:

Jean Bauer Violin

Paul Belin Violin

Paul Crowley Violin

JP Nehr Violin Bow

Jihwan Park Guarneri Model Violin

Yongmin Na Silver Viola Bow

Anton Somers Cello

Pierre Nehr Bows

Operating for local sales/repairs/rentals by appointments with socially distanced viewing, scheduled curbside drop-off/pick-up

Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Bay Fine Strings represents the highest quality hand picked and specially commissioned violin string family instruments from instrument workshops to the finest master made contemporary instruments from all over the world as well as supplying cases, strings, and musical accessories. Local remote appointments away from the shop may be possible as well short-term approval for instruments shipped nationwide. 

The shop caters to clients with a strong mission of serving the community by making available the best instruments for their price point along with the highest level of customer service. Instruments in the collection are carefully acquired through every avenue such as special collaborations with living makers, working with other dealers, auctions, well as consigned or acquired instruments from musicians and collectors,

Professional in-house and outsourced resource services include:

-Advanced Instrument set-up optimization and restoration

-Bow rehairs and bow restoration

-Instrument appraisals & certification


 Bay Fine Strings was founded in 2016 by Thomas Yee, an active professional violinist, pedagogue, & major advocate of lutherie of both modern and past masters. He travels to the centers of the string instrument trade, and has placed countless successful instruments with collectors, institutions & schools, musical colleagues & their students, and those in the music community. His experience amounts to listening and responding to his clients needs, the careful study of historical instruments, engaging in detailed dialogue with the best living makers, as well as viewing vast amounts of instruments and bows, from well made workshop instruments and bows to priceless instruments and bows. 

The Bay Fine Strings Collection includes our own line of instruments from Nice entry level to Advanced, Fine antiques, as well as the best contemporary makers in the world today.

The Bay Fine Strings brand carries instruments, bows, and cases which are the most competitive performance among their price point. 

Antiques acquired are always selected for their fine condition, and include examples from the late 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries from single makers to famous workshops.

The shop prides itself on working with the best makers in the world in collaborating on the creation of musical instruments. We offer a wide selection as well as aid clients in the process of having an instrument specifically made for you.

By Appointment Only: 488 San Mateo Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066