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Recently Sold Inventory Highlights 2023: Thomachot, Bigot, Camurat, Belin, Ravatin, Tete-Beche, Etc

Dark Wood

Thomas Yee founded Bay Fine Strings in 2016 as a way to amalgamate his lifelong passions of music, stringed instruments, and entrepreneurship. Thomas, an active professional violinist, pedagogue, and major advocate of both modern and past lutherie, has since placed countless instruments with collectors, institutions/schools, musical colleagues and their students, and those in the music communities across the country. In the world of contemporary lutherie, Thomas has firmly positioned himself as an authority on modern making by maintaining working relationships with some of the top contemporary violin and bow makers around the world. In addition, Thomas also assists musicians in the process of having instruments specifically made for them.


Bay Fine Strings has a strong mission of service to the community by making available the best instruments for their price point, along with the highest level of customer service. The Bay Fine Strings Collection includes our own line of instruments (entry-level to advanced), a fine antiques, and a world-class, curated collection of contemporary masterpieces. Antiques in the collection are selected for their fine condition and include examples from the late 17th century to the 20th Century. The shop also carries instrument and bow cases, which are the most competitive performances among their price point.


Professional in-house and outsourced services include: 

  • Advanced Instrument set-up optimization and restoration

  • Bow rehairs and bow restoration

  • Instrument appraisals & certification

By Appointment Only: 488 San Mateo Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066

**Remote appointments possible, as well as short-term approvals for instruments shipped nation-wide

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