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Sylvain Bigot Tourte Copy Gold Violin Bow, France 2020

*SOLD or NO LONGER AVAILABLE * Please see violin bows tab for current inventory listings

A stunning copy of an 1825 FX Tourte pictured in L'Archet. Gold mounted, by Sylvain Bigot. It was exhibited in the Inaugural Bay Fine Strings Contemporary Violin Makers Exhibition and Concert, and a copy of the published catalog will be included with this bow.

About Sylvain Bigot

Born in 1971, Sylvain Bigot graduated from the International School of Violin of Jean Baptiste Vuillaume in 1989. However, soon after, Bigot discovered his passion for bow making and began his apprenticeship in Jean-François Raffin’s atelier.

In 2002, Sylvain opened his own workshop in Lyon, France. He has worked as a restorer since then and has become internationally renowned. In 2011, he was honoured with the title: “Un des Meilleurs Ouvrier de France”. After this he was appointed as an expert authority on antique bows with Cabinet Bow Experts Raffin alongside Yannick Lecanu and Jean-Francois Raffin. His work follows the best of the French tradition of bow making and his work is highly sought after amongst musicians and connoisseurs alike

Sylvain Bigot Tourte Copy Gold Violin Bow, France 2020

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