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Doriane Bodart Gold Exhibition Viola Bow, Paris, France 2023

*SOLD or NO LONGER AVAILABLE* Listing for archive purposes only. Visit viola bows tab for current inventory listings.

A gold mounted pernambuco viola bow by Doriane Bodart, 71 grams made in Paris, France, in 2019. 19th century French bow feel, with agility, and a a warm yet smooth response. Medium suppleness. It was exhibited in the Inaugural Bay Fine Strings Contemporary Violin Makers Exhibition and Concert April 29th 2023, and a copy of the published catalog will be included with this bow.

About Doriane Bodart

Born into a family of artists in 1972, Doriane Bodart is the granddaughter of the great sculptor Marcel Bodart, and her parents were both violin makers (luthiers).  She learned her craft from world-renowned master bow-makers, acquiring during her years of apprenticeship the century-old techniques in the tradition of French bow-making. She has worked together with great masters such as Stephane Thomachot, Noel Burke, Charles Espey, Pierre Guillaume. She attended master classes at Oberlin (Ohio) and has participated in numerous exhibitions. For the past 4 years she was invited at the “Bellevilloise” bow exhibition, a grouping which brings together the greatest contemporary bow-makers.    

She has regular invitations to exhibitions in Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Zurich, and Cremona. 

She recently won unanimously the First Prize (« Grand Prix ») and a Special prize for the  sound, given by Jean-Charles Monciero (member of the jury, and violist) at the international bow making competition, Viola’s 2019 in Paris, as well as certificates of merit for a viola and cello bow at the 2022 Violin Society of America Competition in Anaheim, California. 

She chooses with great care the best Pernambuco wood, known for its excellence for bows. The name of Bodart is now renowned for its reliability, and high-quality workmanship.  Doriane works from her beautiful Parisian studio in the famous Montparnasse district. Many gifted musicians use her bows, which are widely distributed abroad, in Vienna, the United States, and Japan.

Doriane Bodart Gold Exhibition Viola Bow, Paris, France 2023

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