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Yongmin Na Violin Bow, South Korea 2019
Violin Bow mounted in silver by talented and precise bowmaker, Yongmin Na. Fantastic pernambuco, with a warm and focused tonal fundamental, capable of quick and easy articulation and a fast response. 61.2 grams.

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Meet the Maker Ep3 Featuring Yongmin Na
Yongmin studied with famed teacher Gilles Duhaut in Tours, France, then set up shop in Korea. Makes beautiful bows in the inspired by historical and contemporary masters. Prizes a competitions such as Mittenwald in 2014 & 2018, CIVMC in 2016, and the VSA in 2014 & 2018. Yongmin draws inspiration from mentors and makers such as Gilles Duhaut, Pierre Guillaume, Pierre-Yves Fuchs, Emmanuel Carlier, Eric Fournier, Yannick Le Canu, and Charles Espey.

Yongmin Na Violin Bow, South Korea 2019

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