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Jean Baptiste Salomon Deschayes, Paris, French Vieux School circa 1740

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A mid 18th century Ecole Vieux Paris violin by Jean Baptiste Deshayes Salomon, Paris, circa 1740.

LOB 354mm

Full sounding carrying power, with complexity. Smooth buttery rich tone on the low end, with a golden treble radiance in the upper registers


Jean Baptiste Deshayes Salomon (1713-1767) The son of a violin maker, Jean-Baptiste Deshayes, known as Salomon, born in a family involved in music, his brother having established himself as a musician in Paris.

Salomon was one of the most famous violin makers and dealers of his period known as "Ecole Vieux Paris (Old Paris School), whom left a production of violins, cellos and viols along with others instruments such as harps and barytons. His cellos were particularly appreciated by the musicians of his time.

After his labels he first established himself in Paris at "Rue de l' Arbre Sec" circa 1740. He then moved his workshop "Place de l'Ecole" circa 1748, under the sign of "Sainte Cécile".

Honors & awards

1760 to 1761 : Dean of the violin maker's guild.

Collaborators & successors

At his death in 1767, his young widow continued running the business until 1790, with the collaboration of Jean Theodore Namy. She eventually moved her workshop to quai de la Megisserie.

Salomon probably learnt his craft with his father and worked with him for a while before leaving to Paris.

He married a in 1735 to Catherine de Rodé. After her death in 1748, Salomon re-married Barbe-Marguerite the same year, the widow of Jean Ouvrard, a Parisian violin maker.

In 1752 Barbe-Marguerite died and in 1765 Salomon married Marie Cousineau, the Niece of Jean Ouvrard.

Jean Baptiste Salomon Deschayes, Paris, French Vieux School circa 1740

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