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Ulf Johansson Viola Bow, Harlösa, Sweden 2021

A fantastic silver mounted viola bow by Ulf Johansson, with an inspiration of Pajeot/Maire, 72 grams. Lithe, warm and resonant stick, with elastic quickness, and nimble balance.

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Ulf was initially a student at the Scandinavian Violin Making School, Ulf decided to leave his studies to pursue a deepening passion for bows. Early tutelage under C. Hans-Karl Schmidt later led to periods of study with Charles Espey and Brian Tunnicliffe. Before pursuing fulltime bowmaking, Ulf worked for five years as archetier at the N. Nilsson Violin Shop in Malmö. Ulf's bows are in demand by leading players across Europe. His work has won prizes at international competitions and will be featured in 'The Great Contemporary Bow Makers of the 21st Century - Volume 3' by Darling publications. A devoted teacher, Ulf has taught bowmaking at Cambdrige, the Scandinavian Violin Making School and to apprentices, such as Eric Fournier and Jordan Scapinello in his studio on the family horse farm in the south of Sweden.

Ulf Johansson Viola Bow, Harlösa, Sweden 2021

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