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Tino Lucke, Berlin, Germany, ~2010

*SOLD OR NO LONGER AVAILABLE* For archive purposes, check violin bows tab for current inventory

A Silver mounted violin bow made by Tino Lucke, Berlin, Germany between 2006-2012. 61.9 grams.

Tino Lucke (pronounced Lookay) has garnered his reputation on awards as well as the superb playing qualities of his bows. His bows are inspired by French making, and has an exquisite selection of materials. Many of Lucke's bow have the rare combination of driving force and smooth elasticity. His bows possess an ability to alter from immediate tension to relaxation. 

Awards: BVMA London 2004 Gold Medal for Violin Bow

Vatelot Paris Competition 1999 Silver Medal for Viola Bow

Vatelot Paris Competition 1999 Bronze Medal for Cello Bow

Tino studied bow making in Markneukirchen, and then worked for Hieronymus Kostler in Stuttgart. He has been making bows since the 2000's out of his own Atelier in Berlin for the top musicians and connoisseurs.

Tino Lucke, Berlin, Germany, ~2010

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