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Sebastian Dirr Gold Exhibition Violin Bow, Erlangen,  Germany 2023

*SOLD or NO LONGER AVAILABLE *Listing for archive purposes only. See violin bows tab for current inventory listings

A stellar gold mounted violin bow by Sebastian Dirr, 59 grams made Erlangene, Germany, in 2023. It has a unique ceramic eyes made in Germany. Nimble, with agility, and an energetic yet smooth response. Firm with suppleness. It was exhibited in the Inaugural Bay Fine Strings Contemporary Violin Makers Exhibition and Concert April 29th 2023, and a copy of the published catalog will be included with this bow.

About Sebastian Dirr

Sebastian Dirr was born in Erlangen, Germany, in 1964. After university studies in Music Sciences, he was trained as an apprentice bow maker in the workshops of Roderich Paesold from 1988 to 1990 and then worked there for seven more years.

In 1993, Sebastian successfully passed the master craftsman examination in bow making, administered by the Chamber of Crafts and Trades of the City of Nuremberg.

In 1997, he began work in the Richard Grünke workshop in Langensendelbach (near Bubenreuth), where he was mainly active in the production of new bows, but he also did some major repair work.

Since 2001, Sebastian has been self-employed in his own studio in Erlangen (close to Bubenreuth and just North of Nuremberg).

Special Professional Awards


Special Prize from the French violin and bow makers' association 

Silver Medal for a cello bow Mittenwald, Germany, 1999

Awarded a "Mention Spéciale" for a cello bow at the Second International Contest in Paris.


Silver Medal for a violin bow at the international contest in Mittenwald, Germany.

Bronze Medal for a cello bow at the international contest in Mittenwald, Germany.

In addition, he is one of the founding members of the International Pernambuco Conservation Initiative (I.P.C.I.), of which one of the goals is to plant new pernambuco trees in cooperation with scientists in Brazil.

Sebastian is also a Vice-President of the ViolinArtAkademie, a local society for the promotion and furtherance of classical chamber music as well as support for concerts and music performances. A key aspect is to encourage talented young performers by providing master classes.

Sebastian Dirr Gold Exhibition Violin Bow, Erlangen, Germany 2023

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