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Ryan Soltis & Antoine Nedelec VSA Silver Medal Cello, 2022

An extremely fine antiqued cello made by Ryan Soltis and Antoine Nedelec in 2022. It won the silver medal at the 2022 VSA competition in Anaheim, California. It has a wonderfully warm and coloful tone, with a robust feeling. The cello also was exhibited in the Inaugural Bay Fine Strings Contemporary Violin Makers Exhibition and Concert April 29th 2023, and a copy of the published catalog will be included with this cello.

About Ryan L. Soltis

Ryan is a professional violinmaker who has been creating custom violins, violas and cellos for over 20 years. Ryan graduated from the Violin Making School of America in 2000.  Post graduation, he went to work in the violin making studio of David Folland in his home state of Minnesota. In 2002 Ryan set up shop in Salt Lake City where he resided for six years. At the 2004 Violin Society of America sponsored Oberlin workshop, Ryan was fortunate to meet the renowned maker, Samuel Zygmuntowicz. 

Through his ongoing collaboration with Zygmuntowicz as his primary mentor and inspiration, Ryan feels fortunate to have developed a finer understanding of how to make instruments that balance clarity and tone. In 2021, after ten years of living and working in northern Idaho, Ryan moved to Nelson, BC to set up his new workshop in Canada. Ryan strives to hold himself up against excellent standards of workmanship. His instruments are known for their rich and beautiful color of sound and ease of play and are played in symphony orchestras and chamber ensembles around the world.  

To learn more about Ryan, view his website You can also find Ryan on instagram @soltisviolins.

About Antoine Nédélec

Graduate of the Violin Making School of America. Antoine worked for Peter Prier and Sons while attending school, and for J & A Beare upon graduating in 2002. He opened his own studio in 2005. In 2012, he joined the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers. Antoine regularly serves as a faculty member at the Oberlin Violin Making Workshops. In 2016 and 2017 he and his colleague Jeff Phillips led the workshop on copying the Jackson Stradivarius. Antoine is an active maker and has received numerous awards at the Violin Society of America competitions, including a silver medal for cello and a gold medal for viola. He served as a judge at the VSA competition in 2018.

Ryan Soltis & Antoine Nedelec VSA Silver Medal Cello, 2022

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