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Paolo de Barbieri, Genoa, Italy, 1916 Guarneri Model
Guarneri model. Tone powerful, direct, with a dark tonal pallette that has brightness.

Length of Back 35.7cm
Upper Bout 16.8cm
Middle Bout 11.4cm
Lower Bout 21cm
Stop Length 13cm

This violin is accompanied by a certificate of Authenticity from Reuning and Son Violins. 

1889 – 1962)

Evidently an adventuresome young man, Paolo de Barbieri ran away from home to become a sailor at the age of 13 and returned to Genoa six years later, in 1908. He then apprenticed to Cesare Candibefore serving in the navy and returning to work for his teacher. Around 1918 de Barbieri opened his own shop, where he produced over 350 instruments over his 40-year career, adhering to the external model of construction favored by Candi. The 'Cannon' 'del Gesù' was his usual model, especially early in his career, while he turned to Stradivari in his final decade. His work is clean and precise, and the varnish color varies with the date of production.

Paolo de Barbieri, Genoa, Italy, 1916 Guarneri Model

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