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Otto Erdesz Viola, 16 3/4" 1980s
A powerfully focused, beautiful, rich, dark, sounding 16 3/4" viola available by Otto Erdesz. A must try for those looking for a viola of this size. This viola is a very fine and typical example in excellent condition, from the 1980s, big and bold. 
LOB 422mm
UB 20.3cm 
MB  14.7cm
LB 26.35cm
String Length 38.4cm

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Otto Erdesz (1917-2000). He was a prolific Hungarian maker with thousands of instruments to his name. His life was that of a immigrating journeyman; born in Hungary, Israel for love, moved to Toronto for the wood, and then on to Niagara Falls, NY. Dubbed the “Viola King” he was known for violas, developed the famous cut away viola, among other instruments built on original ideas inspired by Brescian ideas and Guarneri.

Otto Erdesz Viola, 16 3/4" 1980s

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