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Nicolas Lupot Violin, Orleans, France 1785-1790

The name of Nicholas Lupot rings true in the ears of any violin enthusiast as he is

considered the Stradivari of France. This violin, which is a premier example of his late

Orleans period, is featured in the book, Nicholas Lupot: His contemporaries and

successors, Aladfi, 2017. This violin is built on a broad Stradivari model and has the

same richness and precise characteristics that define the finest Cremonese violins of

previous generations. Lupot’s violins, specifically those of the Orleans period, are a perfect mix of value and utility. You get the finest old-world sound in a package that

costs less than his Paris period, and is arguably just as beautiful. We look forward to placing this one in the hands a fine, discerning player. Accompanied by a JJ Rampal certificate.

Nicolas Lupot Violin, Orleans, France 1785-1790

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