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Niall Flemming, Kilkenny, Ireland, Bantry Expo 2019



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Silver/Ebony pernambuco violin bow by made for Bay Fine Strings. Excellent balance/suppleness/strength, focused and projecting tone with brilliant harmonic content, nimble and modulable character. 59.5 grams. Exhibited at the Bantry Festival in Westcork, Ireland, the first of a quartet of bows exhibited there.


Born in Australia in 1987 into an Irish family, Niall started to be interested in making violins at the age of 16. He then went on to complete the violin-making course in Newark, Nottinghamshire, UK in 2010. Whilst in his final year, Niall worked part time in Stringers violin shop in London and it was here that he started working on bows. After finishing at Newark, Niall joined Maison Bernard in Brussels serving an apprenticeship with Pierre Guillaume. Recently he worked with renowned maker Noel Burke in Carlow and has opened a workshop in Kilkenny city, Ireland. He specializes in new making in the French style and the repair and restoration of bows for the quartet.



2019 2nd Prize at the Violas Competition in Paris


2018 VSA certificate of merit for violin bow

Niall Flemming, Kilkenny, Ireland, Bantry Expo 2019

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