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Nestor Audinot, Paris 1888

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Nestor Audinot, Paris, late 19th Century. The best-known luthier of the Audinot family of violin makers, and among the greatest French makers of the 19th century, Nestor Dominique Audinot was born in 1842 in Mirecourt, France. He studied with his father Léopold Audinot before moving to Paris in 1863 to work with Sébastian Vuillaume, the nephew of Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume. In 1868, Audinot opened his own workshop, where he established himself as a prolific maker of classic Cremonese models, particularly those of Guarneri del Gesù. Upon the deaths of both Sébastien and Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume in 1875, Audinot took over Sébastien's business, continuing to serve the clientele of both Vuillaume workshops. He retired in 1908, passing his business to Eugène Corvisier. Nestor Audinot died in Paris in 1920 and left some the best output of work in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Nestor Audinot, Paris 1888

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