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Miniput Stand by Dolfinos with Adjustable Tablet Clamp

Digital with Tablet Clip $99

Why choose a miniput?

The Ultimate Tripod for All Your Devices

Introducing our groundbreaking tripod, designed for the modern user. Thanks to its universal mount it is compatible with smartphones, tablets, and documents. Lightweight yet stable and robust, the miniput switches between devices within seconds.

This stand is not just another stand. It is the first versatile tripod that assists you for any application in any environment.

Ultralight: Starting at 370g / 13oz

Ultracompact: Mini-Umbrella size

Ultraflexible: For smartphones, tablets, and documents

Ultrasimple: Screwless twist lock

How it works

Fast Assembly

A music stand assembled in 3 simple steps. Be ready to play in less than one minute!

Screw the three feet into the pole.

Adjust the pole to your preferred height using the twist-and-lock mechanism.

Put the table onto the adapter and find your preferred angle – done!

Switchable within seconds from paper to tablet mode.

Switch from Table to Tablet

With its multi-purpose function it is possible to switch between table top and tablet adapter which can hold tablets up to 13”.

To switch to tablet mode, simply remove the table and insert the tablet holder in its place - done!

Hassle-free Twist and Lock

The new twist and lock mechanism of the pole with its olive shape rotation allows for easy and uncomplicated height adjustments for a knobless experience and a stable support system.

The pole consists of 5 sections.

The poles can be extended to the user’s liking for continuous, stepless modifications.

The legs are positioned at 30° for optimal stability and comfort and are extendable to a diameter of 60cm.

For ultimate protection, a friction rubber is attached to the end of each leg.

Miniput Stand by Dolfinos with Adjustable Tablet Clamp

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