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Mario Gadda P. Sgarabotto Model Viola, 16 ½, Mantua, Italy, 1970

A wonderful Mantuan viola by Mario Gadda in a Pietro Sgarabotto model. This is a highly successful model that is ergonomic and easy to play, in addition to being exquisite personal work made by the internationally esteemed Italian master himself. It is a viola which can be wholeheartedly recommended for professional performance equally comfortable for soloists or ensemble players, due to its pleasant size, and its extremely nuanced playing properties and its large, warm, colorfully focused sweet voice. Here Mario Gadda has achieved a perfect interpretation of his contemporary Pietro Sgarabotto.

About Mario:

Mario Gadda was the son of master maker Gaetano Gadda. He was born in Mantua in 1931 and began training as a luthier with his father at the age of 16. Gadda helped carry the Mantuan tradition of violin making into the 21st century. Many of his instruments were inspired by Tommaso Balestrieri and his father’s teacher, Stefano Scarampella, the luthiers responsible for the Mantuan tradition.

Gadda made more than 500 instruments during his lifetime. He became well known internationally, selling his instruments to players and orchestras across Europe, Asia, and America. Gadda also exhibited his work at many competitions all over the world. Gadda trained only one student during his life time – Claudio Testoni.

Mario Gadda P. Sgarabotto Model Viola, 16 ½, Mantua, Italy, 1970

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