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Magdalena Sapeta Silver Exhibition Violin Bow, Poland, 2023

A fine silver mounted violin bow by Magdalena Sapeta, in Poland, 2023. It has a quick, energetic response, firm with suppleness. It was exhibited in the Inaugural Bay Fine Strings Contemporary Violin Makers Exhibition and Concert April 29th 2023, and a copy of the published catalog will be included with this bow.

About Magdalena Sapeta 

Magdalena is a talented, award-winning bowmaker, working with professional musicians all over Europe and abroad. She mainly divides her time between workshops in Poland, Spain, and Italy. She makes in the classic French tradition with some nice ideas of her own, and has worked with Tibor Kovacs, who was Jean François Raffin's assistant for many years. Magdalena also spends time doing fine restoration on old bows. Most recently she won the gold medal at the 2022 Mittenwald competition for a cello bow, and has exhibited her work in Germany, Italy, and New York in the States.

Magdalena Sapeta Silver Exhibition Violin Bow, Poland, 2023

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