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Lorenzo Bellafontana 1948 Genoa, Italy

This Bellafontana violin is a petite personal model instrument perfect for a player with small hands in very good condition and petite neck proportion. It has a energetic and rich character coupled with an electric sizzle.
LOB 35.2cm
UB 16.2cm
MB 10.6cm
LB 20.2cm
Stop Length 13.2cm
Lorenzo Bellafontana, b.1906, d. 1979 was a violin maker from Genoa, Italy. He was a violinist, then studied violin making with Oreste Candi. Established independently from 1935 in Pegli, Genoa, later moving to 8/9 via Davide Chiossone in the city itself. This was bombed in the Second World War and in 1945 he opened a new workshop at 8/10 Piazza Paolo da Novi, moving again to via Paolo Giacometti, and finally at 10/2 Corso Torino. Appointed curator of Paganini’s 1743 Guarneri del Gesù ‘Cannone’ violin in 1967. Early work in the style of Candi, made in an external mould with linings in one piece across the corner blocks. His best more classically informed work comes from the period 1945-1950. Medals at various exhibitions.

Lorenzo Bellafontana 1948 Genoa, Italy

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