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Lee Guthrie, Hudson, Wiscounsin, USA 21st century

61.2 grams, silver mounted octagonal

Balance Point (B.P. to end of thumbgrip) 18.3cm

Previous to 1990 Lee Guthrie made his living as a land surveyor and civil engineering technician.  He began playing old-time southern fiddle music in 1974 and that led to an interest in violins. Lee always been handy with various woodworking projects from furniture to building a 17' sloop.  In 1978 Lee had a bow rehaired by the bow maker at the local music store.  He was so impressed with the transformation of that old violin bow that he inquired about the training involved in getting into the business.
As a result Lee attended the string instrument repair course at Red Wing (Minnesota) Technical College from 1978-79.  Throughout the 80's Lee did occasional repair work on violins and bows, keeping the more secure job of surveying.  In 1990 Lee finally decided to make the leap and attended two sessions of bow making instruction with bow maker William Salchow at the University of New Hampshire.  In the fall of 1990 he began bow making full-time. 

Lee has been successful in placing bows with some of the best players in the world. He continues to serve musicians around the world and am happy to be working in a trade that is tremendously satisfying and infinitely challenging.

Lee Guthrie, Hudson, Wiscounsin, USA 21st century

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