Laberte Workshop (Avenio) Mirecourt, France 1932
French Laberte workshop violin made in Mirecourt 1932, Stradivarius model, 356mm LOB. Great condition. 

The Laberte workshop in Mirecourt produced a large range of instruments and bows consistent in quality, employed over 300 people by 1920. In addition, many skilled master makers worked for Laberte, including Camille Poirson, Charles Brugere, and Georges Apparut. The workshop owned a fine collection of instruments from all the famous makers including Antonio Stradivari, Guarneri del Gesù, Giuseppe filius Andrea Guarneri, Francesco Ruggeri, Nicolas Lupot, Jacob Stainer, and Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume. They were meticulously examined and used as models for their own instruments.  

Laberte Workshop (Avenio) Mirecourt, France 1932

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