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Keith Sleeman Violin Bow, USA 2022

A fine Silver mounted pernambuco violin bow made by renowned English bowmaker, Keith Sleeman, made on a personal 19th century-inspired model. The bow was completed in New Market, Maryland, USA in December 2022.


Chestnut pernambuco with transluclacent hues with a supple, yet strong resilience. Robust tone with a smooth sound, bringing out high harmonic content from a variety of violins with a large, focused tone.


WEIGHT: 60.5 grams

MOUNTS: Silver and ebony



Keith Sleeman began working with bows 46 years ago. He took lessons from Malcolm Taylor (ex-Hill and sons) and went on to make copies of old French bows. Inspired by the originals, he has made extensive studies into the playing qualities of these bows and his own bows embody the deeper secrets he has discovered. He is an avid world traveler, making his base of operations on several continents, and his work spans the entire evolution of bowmaking from early baroque to 20th century models. His current bows are inspired by the best examples of Voirin, Lamy and Fetique.


Keith Sleeman Violin Bow, USA 2022

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