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Keith Peck, Seattle, WA 1988

Keith M. Peck  (1953-1998)

Born in Evanston, IL.Started playing cello at age nine and continued to study the cello with Howard Jones at University of Idaho. It was his other cello teacher, Arthur Ross, who got him intrigued in bows by stressing their  importance and eventually his focus turned to bowmaking. Started making bows in 1971. 
Moved to Seattle in 1975 and worked for David Saunders 1975-1976. 
Established own shop in 1976, making his own model as well as copies of Peccatte, Tourte, Voirin, Henry to name a few and frog copies of Gaulard, Dodd, Lupot, Kittel, Simone, Voirin and many more. His work is featured in "Violin Makers of the United States" by T.J.Wenberg, STRINGS Magazine November 1997 No.65, STRINGS Resource Guide 1998 and an upcoming release of  "The Golden Bows" by Daniel Bruckner of Germany.

Hand made fittings and  rubbed oil finish. 

Own model bows branded "KEITH PECK" and the year branded under the frog and the winding. On copies, branded "KEITH PECK" and the year under the winding.

Keith Peck, Seattle, WA 1988

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