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Joseph Hill Violin Bay Fine Strings
This Joseph Hill violin in great condition was made in 1767 with a Longman & Broderip label whom Hill worked for. It is based on a Stainer model with a more ideal lower arching remniscent of Stradivarius. The length of back is 357mm. The sound is characterized as warm, open, focused, with bright harmonics. It is lively with quick response, and has a supple resistance to bow pressure with plenty of give. Youtube Demo Copy/Paste Link: Hill (1715 – 1784) was the first of the great Hill family of makers, restorers and experts. From about 1773 to 1776 Hill's Haymarket firm was known as 'Joseph Hill & Sons,' but the name was short-lived. Joseph had six sons whom began working independently, five as violin makers. Joseph Hill is particularly known for his fine cellos, but his violas and violins are also of good quality. Violins are usually based on a Stainer model, but some Amati copies also exist.

Joseph Hill, London, London, Great Britain, 1767

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