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Joseph Arthur Vigneron Pere Violin Bow, Paris, France, c. 1905

A beautiful late Joseph Arthur Vigneron (Pere, Father) Violin Bow, Paris, France 1905.

Stamped A. Vigneron a Paris

Silver Mounted, 60.8 grams, in excellent condition, with Raffin certificate.

The bow's characteristics compliment a powerful yet lithe and buttery smooth, sunny with articulate tone, with a nimble and supported character, capable of modulating with a deep depth that is both sophisticated and clear. It has a wonderful blend of the best characteristics of 19th and 20th century styles of French bowmaking.

About Vigneron Pere:

(1851 – 1905) Step-son of Mirecourt bow maker Claude Nicolas Husson, Joseph Arthur Vigneron apprenticed under his step-father until his death in 1872, when he began to work for Jean-Joseph Martin. In 1880 Vigneron left for Paris to work for the firm of Gand & Bernardel until 1888. The influence of the Mirecourt school in his work, particularly Bazin is understandable, though over the course of his career in Paris elements of Voirin and Vuillaume become more pronounced.

Around 1888 Vigneron set up his own shop, where he developed a reputation for speed and assurance. From this period on his personal touch is especially evident: the chamfers become increasingly wide, especially on the player's side, and the frogs more stout. Though his bows are more functional than decorative, their excellent playing qualities elicit great admiration. Vigneron's son André began to assist him right before the turn of the century, and they collaborated closely until his death in 1905. Most bows are branded, "A. Vigneron à Paris."

Joseph Arthur Vigneron Pere Violin Bow, Paris, France, c. 1905

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