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Jean Pierre Marie Persoit Violin Bow, Paris, France, 1830
Jean Pierre Marie Persoit Violin Bow, Gold mounted, precisely octagonal, circa 1830.

Original modernized gold mounted frog and button made in copy by Syvain Bigot for the stick, original ebony frog and bone button included. With JF Raffin & associates certification of authenticity.

Playing qualities on par with that of FX Tourte. Dark, rich, soloistically powerful, with a deep and modulable tone character. Highly focused and refined. Strength with a finely attuned elastic suppleness that provides effortless tracking throughout the stick. 

Persoit worked in the shop of J.B. Vuillaume from 1826 to 1838, and his sticks reflect that influence, although elements of François Xavier Tourte are quite visible. The heads are strong and fairly rounded, and frogs are rather low, with short, square throats. In general bows bearing his own name are rare, but are almost uniformly of excellent quality. Around 1825 he began to mark some of his bows with a characteristic "P.R.S.," which explains why his name was misspelled as "Persois" for so long. It seems that this marking originated with Persoit's idea to file off the "A" and "I" of a "PARIS" stamp and employ it as his particular brand, but many of his bows are also unstamped. His genius work offers a bold spontaneity conceived well from his mind, and executed always with a harmonius line and confidence.
Persoit's apprentice at the Vuillaume workshop, Dominique Peccatte, later merged his teacher's style with that of Tourte into a unique model of superb playability. Persoit, along with FX Tourte and  Dominique Peccatte, can be considered in that pantheon of significance in the history of bow making.

Jean Pierre Marie Persoit Violin Bow, Paris, France, 1830

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