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Jean-Pascal Nehr, Marseille, France 2004
A stunning gold mounted violin bow by Jean-Pascal Nehr made in Marseille, France, in 2004 in a personal model. It features one of a kind translucent pernambuco of reflective quality. It is 60.8 grams and has tone qualities of the best of the 19th century French bows.

Jean Pascal Nehr is a renowned living bowmaker who is a member of the founding class of the modern French school in 1974 studying with Bernard Ouchard in Mirecourt, France. For several decades he has operated in his workshop in Marseille, and also recently at CLAC, a Contemporary Luthier Art Collective workshop in Paris.

He devotes himself to the creation of bows inspired by the French school of the early 19th century, in particular FX Tourte. His bows are in demand by the most discerning musicians and collectors worldwide, prized for their beauty and exceptional playing qualities. 


1989 winner of the Mittenwald competition

1992 laureate of the manchester competition

1997 Milleur Ouvrier de France, Best Craftsman of France


Jean-Pascal Nehr, Marseille, France 2004

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