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Jean-Claude Ouchard Viola Bow, Mirecourt, France, 1975

A mint Jean-Claude Ouchard Viola made in Mirecourt, France, in 1975. At 70 grams, it handles with a smooth and stable feeling, with a combined beauty of sound that is both noble and powerful. It is accompanied by certification from Pierre Guillaume.

About Jean-Claude

Jean-Claude Ouchard is the second son of famed 20th centuey bowmaker Emile Auguste Ouchard, and brother of Bernard Ouchard, and was a well traveled artisan.

In 1949, he started his apprenticeship with Louis Bazin and then continued in his uncle's workshop, François Lotte. In 1954, he joined his father in the workshop of Jacques Français in New York city. Then in 1958, he came back to Mirecourt to join Marcel Lapierre in his workshop. From 1959 to 1968, he joined Max Möller's workshop in Amsterdam where he specialized in bow restoration. He then went back to France to join the Carmaux workshop, where he was responsible for training bow makers.

In 1978, he settled back in Mirecourt, where he ran his own workshop. Then in 1989, he joined Cablé's a local business man, for whom he produced bows for until he retired in 1993.

Jean-Claude Ouchard Viola Bow, Mirecourt, France, 1975

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