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Jean Bauer Violin, Angers, France 1959

Jean Bauer's violins are quite rare and this particular one is a very refined violin, made on a personal model in Angers, France, in 1959. French violins of this era can often be wonderful bargains as they are every bit as good as their modern Italian counterparts, but for a fraction of the price.


This is an ideal concert instrument, suitable for all types of use on the stage. It is extremely powerful and smooth, but with a lyrical, blooming, and energetic tone capable of a myriad of dynamic expressions.


Length of Back 356mm


About Jean:


Jean Bauer  was the undisputed leader of French lutherie and, in the field of creation, certainly one of the greatest luthiers of the twentieth century.


In 1941, after wanting to settle in Le Havre, he finally moved to Angers, because he wanted to live in a city not too far from Paris, but which would offer him good conditions for making, unlike Le Havre, which suffered bombings from the Second World War. Jean Bauer became involved in Angevin cultural life as soon as he arrived in the city. He sold his first violin in 1942 to Charles Bardon, a professional musician. Some 600 musicians from all over the world have the privilege of owning a Bauer, an instrument designed by this master luthier. It was well known that the violinist Henryk Szeryng enjoyed a violin commissioned by Jean Bauer alongside his famous "Leduc" Guarnerius del Gesù violin of 1744.


Bauer had studied violin at Mattaincourt, near Mirecourt, with Marius Didier. In 1954 he won the Prix de Liège, with a quartet named "Le Luth et la Rose", which will rank him among the best luthiers of the twentieth century.


Along with Etienne Vatelot, Bauer will be at the origin of the creation of the National School of Violin Making Mirecourt, the beating heart of French violin making.


Jean was the president since 1962 of the Society of popular concerts, he worked for the creation of a permanent orchestra, the future National Orchestra of the Pays de la Loire (ONPL).


From 1963 to 1972 , he chaired the Angevin Committee of Cultural Action, which allowed the installation in Angers of a house of culture.

In 1975, he launched a chamber music program that will take the name of Musical Tuesdays in 1982 .


Jean Bauer passed away on May 30, 2005 at the age of 91.

He passed the torch and shop to his son Jacques Bauer.


Jean Bauer Violin, Angers, France 1959

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