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Jean Baptiste Chipot 1930's

Fabulous Mirecourt petite full or large 7/8 size violin from the early 20th century. Mint condition, fully set-up ready to play. Sweet, full and colorful sound matching that of many standard full sizes. LOB 349mm


Chipot background


B. 1887 in Mirecourt (Vosges) D.1968 in Vendôme (Loir et Cher)


Son of Joseph CHIPOT also known as Charles CHIPOT-VUILLAUME, Paul, JB CHIPOT completed his apprenticeship in Mirecourt.According to René VANNES he worked for various Mirecourt workshops for a period, including the workshop of A. DEBLAYE. Roland TERRIER, in his lecture about the COLLIN-MEZIN family, stated that in 1921 Paul JB CHIPOT was present in the workshop of Ch. JB COLLIN-MEZIN.


JB CHIPOT's works strongly reflect the Mirecourt school. His instruments, inspired by the classical models, are covered in a rich oil varnish of an orange to orange-brown color. The workmanship and choice of wood for his instruments are generally of very good quality. From 1925 his father's name is used as a brand by LABERTE's workshop.


In 1923 Paul, JB CHIPOT moved to Vendôme where he established his own workshop.Honors & awards1928 Grand Prix at the Paris Exposition Artisanale (Paris'sTraditional Craftsman exhibition)

Jean Baptiste Chipot 1930's

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