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Hermann Janzen 2015, British Columbia, Canada 16"

An excellent viola made by Canadian violin maker Hermann Janzen for a player specifically looking to have a more ergonomic shape with performance and tone. It has a petite neck as well for ease of playing for the left hand, and a narrower upper bout without sacrificing tone quality.



LOB 40.3cm

UB 18.5cm

MB 13.2cm

LB 23.3cm

Stop Length 14.7cm


Hermann studied violin making with his father Gustav Janzen, Author of "Geigenbau und Luftsauelen Raum Akustik".

Hermann made his first violin at age 9. Presently he builds violins according to Geary Baese's research. He does a fair amount of travel in North America and Europe to confer and exchange notes with other makers. Although he keeps pretty low profile, Hermann's work is well known for performance and sound, and professionals and amateurs alike seek him out for his outstanding instruments.

Hermann Janzen 2015, British Columbia, Canada 16"

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