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Haowei Pan Cello, Chicago, USA 2022

This is a fantastic cello made in a full and very powerful 1710 Gofriller model by Haowei Pan. It was made in 2022 under the expertise and guidance of the directors of the Chicago School of Violin Making, Jeff Philips and Antoine Nédélec. It features a responsive tone, and colorful modulation and the length of back measures at 76.8cm. It presents a great value for cellists looking for a top professional quality cello to affordable price ratio.

About Haowei:

Haowei Pan, originally from Lanzhou, China, is a 2022 graduate of the Chicago School of Violin Making. He studied under maestros Antoine Nédélec, Jeff Philips, and Kristen Siegfried-Ballenger. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music from the University of Central Florida, where he studied violin with Dr. Ayako Yonetani and Dr. Chung Park. Haowei Pan currently focuses his time as a violin maker among other pursuits based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.

Haowei Pan Cello, Chicago, USA 2022

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