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Georges Apparut workshop 1938, Mirecourt, France
Georges Apparut workshop violin, Mirecourt, France, 1938, 356mm LOB, excellent condition. 

Background:Son of Léon APPARUT, a pupil of violin maker CAUSSIN and partner of Paul BAILLY, he began his apprenticeship in his father’s workshop at the age of fourteen. 
In 1896, at the age of nineteen, he left his father’s workshop to join Paul BLANCHARD, Luthier of Lyon’s Conservatory of Music, whose first assistant he later became. 
In 1900, APPARUT joined Georges MOUGENOT in Brussels where he stayed until the end of 1902. 
By the end of 1902, he had joined Marc LABERTE in Mirecourt, where he remained until 1921 as the head of artistic production. 
While with Marc LABERTE, Georges APPARUT used his free time to craft some very fine instruments, two of which we have been lucky to come across. The first is made after Stradivarius, coated with a very fine orange-red varnish in the spirit of Paul BLANCHARD, and labelled “Apparut Luthier à Juvaincourt 1904.” 
The other, made after Jean-Baptiste VUILLAUME, bears three labels: one situated in the usual place which reads “Modèle d'après JB Vuillaume, 3 rue Demours Ternes.” The other two labels on each of the inside blocks read “Apparut Luthier à Juvaincourt.” 
From 1924 to 1925, he was the assistant of POUZOLLE in Avignon. 
In 1925, he finally took over the workshop of Victor Joseph CHAROTTE on 6, Sainte Cécile Street in Mirecourt.

Georges APPARUT instruments are inspired by Victor Joseph CHAROTTE, especially in the FF design of certain models, and by the Classical Italian school, some of the finest samples of which APPARUT was exposed to while working with Marc LABERTE. 

Aside from his Atelier production, always in good taste and well-crafted where workmanship, choice of wood, and sound qualities are concerned, one also finds instruments of superior quality generally made in copy, some of them on a personal model. 
Joseph Guarneri, Jean Baptiste Guadagnini, and Georges Klotz are a few of the makers who directly inspired the work of Georges APPARUT. 
It is interesting to note that some of these violins bear a second stamp under the “GEORGES APPARUT” stamp on the inside back which reads “ARTISAN FRANCE.” Up until now the instruments we have seen bearing this second stamp date from 1934 to 1938, all of them of the best quality.

George APPARUT’s workshop was rather small, generally composed of two or three violin makers and one apprentice. In his workshop he trained more than twenty apprentices among them Louis DELIGNON, Jacques FRANCAIS, Jean PETICOLAS.

Honors and Awards
Georges APPARUT gained an especially great reputation for the instruments he crafted to evoke antiqued or aged looks, and won several honors and awards during his career, including silver and gold medals at the international exhibitions in :
1909 Nancy. 
1910 Brussels.
1913 Gand. 
In 1928 he was bestowed the French diploma of « Meilleur ouvrier de France » (Best French Craftman).

Partners and Successors
In 1930, René CUNE joined Georges APPARUT in Mirecourt and stayed with him until 1939. Paul HILAIREjoined him later and became his successor in 1948.

- Dictionnaire Universel des Luthiers, by René Vannes.

Georges Apparut workshop 1938, Mirecourt, France

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