Frank Ravatin, Vannes, France, 2016 Strad Titian Model

Frank Ravatin, Vannes, France, 2016 Strad Titian Model. LOB 353mm. Soloist tone, warm and focused tone with a hint of brilliance, wide sound, without feeling harsh, supportive under the ear, strong carrying projection.


Frank Ravatin obtained in 1985 a diploma in the Violinmaking classes of Maestro Giorgi Scolari at the International Violinmaking School of Cremona in Italy. He then went to Paris and joined the workshop of Jacques Camurat, where he repaired and made many instruments.

In 1991, he opened his own workshop in Le Mans (France) where he began to specialize in making new instruments. In 1994, he received two gold medals, one for a viola and one for a cello, in the International Competition of the Violin Society of America

(USA) in San Francisco, and a silver medal for a cello in the Strad International Competition in Manchester. Two years later in Albuquerque he was awarded by the USA three gold medals for a viola, a cello and a quartet, as well as a silver medal for a violin, and in Manchester, a gold medal for a cello.

In Salt Lake City in 1998, in another USA Competition, he was awarded three gold medals for a cello, a violin and a quartet, and a silver medal for a viola. He was declared «Hors Concours» by the Violin Society of America.

Nowadays Frank Ravatin lives in Vannes (France) but travels all over the world as member of the jury of the most prestigious international competitions. He is also often invited to give conferences in Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, China and in the USA.He receives many orders from both French and

international musicians as well as from Foundations (in Sweden, the USA, England and France).

Frank Ravatin, Vannes, France, 2016 Strad Titian Model

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