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Francois Nicolas Voirin, Paris, France c. 1875

A fantastic first rate and very rare Francois Nicolas Voirin violin bow mounted in silver, circa 1875 in his personal defintive style.

Characteristics: Lithe, colorful, strong, and articulate that has the fine supportive tone of heavier bows. This example is truly easy to handle and work with that has a smooth and buttery feeling.

Weight: 56.8 grams.

Certification: JF Raffin

About Voirin:

François Nicolas Voirin was known as the modern Tourte of the 19th century whom changed the style of bow making trends into the 20th century whom Sartory, and families of Lamy, Thomassin, Fetique, Ouchard, and reinforced his style. This bow has pernambuco of a similar highest quality that is built both nimble with strength in spades for contemporary playing. This Voirin bow will find a happy home with a discerning musician or connoisseur looking for a top notch historical bow that foils well in contrast with that of the work of FX Tourte. It is a fitting and most perfect example of a bow worthy of being called a "Modern Tourte" by the maker dubbed this name.

Francois Nicolas Voirin, Paris, France c. 1875

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