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Enrico Clodoveo Melegari, Turin, Italy 1889

Warm and responsive modulable tone, focused, yet sweet with high harmonic ring.
Length of Back 35.4cm
Upper Bout 16.8cm
Middle Bout 11.1cm
Lower Bout 20.4cm
Stop Length 13.1cm
The violin is accompanied by a certificate from Kenneth Warren & Son Violins.
Enrico Clodoveo Melegari (1835 – 1895)
The Melegari brothers Enrico Clodoveo and Pietro are unique figures in the history of violin making in Turin. Presumed to be self-taught, they worked independently from their contemporaries and their work has little in common with the Turin school. From around 1860 to 1870 they worked in the shipyards of Genoa, and later Turin, though Enrico in particular is known to have been a violinist in his youth. Starting in 1873 they are listed in Turin trade directories as "Melegari Brothers," selling violins, guitars, and accessories. Pietro died in 1874, and from 1880 till the shop closed in 1895, it operated solely under Enrico's name. Though the brothers collaborated and many early instruments bear a "Brothers" label, it is likely that they were responsible for different aspects of the business, and Enrico is the only one known to have worked independently. The modesty of their collaborative efforts attests to their self-taught origins, but even their earliest examples display a characteristic style: the pattern is elongated, with small scrolls and thoroughly sculpted eyes. Enrico's independent work blends these features into a distinctive and harmonized personal style. Various labels and brands were used.

Enrico Clodoveo Melegari, Turin, Italy 1889

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