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David Samuels, Modern G/T
Extremely rare and beautiful g/t violin bow, 60 grams.          BACKGROUND: World class award winning Israeli-American bowmaker David Samuels currently makes in Kibbutz Ein Carmel in Israel, between Tel Aviv and Haifa. David, a Chicago native moved to Israel in 1961 as a baby. After attending Interlochen Center for the Arts in Michigan during high school, he returned to Israel to join the army. At the same time, he began making violins late into the night at the workshop of Amnon Weinstein.

He then worked with luthier Etienne Vatelot in Paris and then Samuels started to study with celebrated bow maker Stéphane Thomachot. He fell in love with the art of making bows, and after working at Jacques Français and René Morel’s New York shop, restoring instruments, Samuels dedicated himself to perfecting the bow maker’s art.

In 1992, Samuels won a gold medal for a cello bow the very first time he entered the Violin Society of America’s bienniel instrument- and bow-making competition. In subsequent competitions, he has received six more gold medals for his violin, viola, and cello bows before being declared Hors Concours (“beyond competition”) and being invited to serve on the panel of judges at the VSA competition in 1998.

David Samuels, Modern G/T

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