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David Leonard Wiedmer, Lyon, France, 2019 Exhibition Paris GDG Model

*SOLD or NO LONGER AVAILABLE * Listing for archive purposes only. See violins tab for current inventory listings

A 2019 exhibition violin by David Leonard Wiedmer, Lyon, France, based on a middle period Guarneri Del Gesu model. LOB 352mm Powerfully punchy, warm, ample, even with a strong core capable of tone modulation. A successful instrument built on a smaller model that sounds like an instrument built on a larger pattern. The violin was exhibited in the Inaugural Bay Fine Strings Contemporary Violin Makers Exhibition and Concert April 29th 2023, and a copy of the published catalog will be included with this violin.

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About: After completing a Swiss diploma in cabinet making, David decided to study instrument making in France at the National School of Lutherie in Mirecourt. After graduating with honours, he found work with Emmanuel Gradoux Matt in New York where he was in contact with some of the great Cremonese instruments. He continued his career in high quality restoration, spending two years in London working for Florian Leonhard. He then moved to Lyon to work with Alexandre Snitkovsky. Awards in international competitions : Gold Medal for Violin 2018 VSA Gold Medal for Cello 2018 VSA Making prize, Viola’s 2016. (Viola) Sonority prize, Viola’s 2016. (Viola) “Coup de coeur” of Honorata Stalwierska, Patrick Robin and Dominique Richard, Viola’s 2016. Silver Medal, International violin making competition SANTA CECILIA Rome 2016. (violin with antiquing). “Coup de coeur” of Raphael Perraud at VioloncellenSeine 2016. (Cello) “Sacconi” Medal, Triennale Di Cremona 2015. (Violin)

David Leonard Wiedmer, Lyon, France, 2019 Exhibition Paris GDG Model

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