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Damien Rosenstiel, Le Razay, France 2019 Personal Model



A successful personal model violin by Damien Rosenstiel made in 2019 in Le Razay, France. It was an exposition violin at the Salon du Violon in Paris 2019 at the Bellevilloise. Enveloping warm and modulably ample sound, with very clear focus and complex harmonic content capable of a strong projection. Sound demonstration link: About: Damien Rosenstiel comes from a lineage of great French violin making. His parents were both violinmakers working at the famed Vatelot workshop whom started the 20th century violin making school in Mirecourt, with a history from the great French masters from the 20th centuries, originating with Dieudonne, Quenoil, and also in America with the the Wurlitzers. Damien was born in 1982, and at an early age was exposed to woodworking. He made his first scroll age 11, first cello at 18, and became a alumni of the newark school of violin making after only two years. He then worked in the former J.F. Schmidt workshop for 4 years and subsequently opened his own workshop in Lyon focusing on fine restoration. Damien moved to the countryside near Lyon in 2014 and now devotes his time primarily in the making of new instruments. He is exclusively represented in the USA by Bay Fine Strings.

Damien Rosenstiel, Le Razay, France 2019 Personal Model

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