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Claude Thomassin Violin Bow, circa 1905, Paris, France

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A silver mounted octagonal violin bow in near mint condition by famed Parisian maker Claude Thomassin made in 1905. 61.8 grams with a deeply projecting sonorous tone, along with an easy to play feeling, strength in spades, and a resiliently supple feeling that resembles the great 19th century French bowmakers.

About Claude Auguste Thomassin (1865-1942):

A first class 20th century bow maker that broke away from his family's tradition or saddle making, like his cousin Louis. Claude Thomassin apprenticed with Charles Nicolas Bazin, whose influence was paramount in Mirecourt during the late 19th century, and began working for the firm of Gand & Bernardel in Paris around 1885. Many of his colleagues at the firm were devotees of the Voirin school, and Thomassin's work reflects that influence, though his model shows some evolution. His somewhat rounded ferrules, in particular, become even more rounded through the end of the century. Thomassin stayed with Bernardel until 1901, when the firm was taken over by Caressa & Français and he began to work on his own in conjunction with his work for other makers.

Thomassin's personal bows are branded "C. Thomassin à Paris" in three differing typefaces. He left behind a substantial body of work, some of which is of exquisite quality.

Claude Thomassin Violin Bow, circa 1905, Paris, France

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