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Claude Thomassin Cello Bow, Paris, France, Early 20th c

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A silver mounted pernambuco cello bow by 20th c maker Claude Thomassin. 82 grams, with highly quality material in a dark, dense and compact grain, with a finely graduated stick. Quite projecting, strong, with a malleable and luminously resonant with focused timbre. In good condition, minor restorations on frog.

About: Claude Auguste Thomassin (1865–1942) was a French bow maker, or archetier. Son of Louis Thomassin with whom he learned his craft in Mirecourt. In his early career, he worked for the shop of Gand & Bernadel. Many bows from this period are stamped "Gand & Bernadel". In 1901 the family firm of Gand & Bernadel was taken over by Caressa & Français. It was at this point that Claude Thomassin set up his own atelier at Rue de Paris in Paris. Although he continued to produce some bows for his former employers, much of his output from 1901 onwards was branded with his name "Claude Thomassin" or sometimes "C.Thomassin à Paris". Thomassin has been called one of the best makers of his generation, and his work sought and after and appreciated by the 21st century connoisseur and musician.

Claude Thomassin Cello Bow, Paris, France, Early 20th c

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