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Charles Nicolas Bazin Violin Bow, France, 1880

A fantastic Charles Nicolas Bazin violin bow made and stamped for Paul Blanchard in Lyon. This bow has excellent handling, with a powerful, clean, and warm sound, with an articulate character in a median strength in the stick. 58.2 grams.

It’s suitable for a violin with a colorful sound and a good character because it gives a lot of focus and balance to those kind of instruments.

It is accompanied by a Raffin Certificate.

About CN Bazin:

Among the most esteemed French bow makers of his time, Charles Nicolas Bazin (1847–1915) was born into a family of bowmakers in Mirecourt. He was trained by his father, François Xavier Bazin (1824–1865), and after François’ untimely death, Charles took over his father’s business at only 18 years of age. Becoming a highly skilled and prolific maker, Charles Nicolas made bows for many prominent Parisian firms including those of Nestor Audinot, Caressa & Francais, Collin-Mézin, Joseph Hel, and Silvestre & Maucotel. The Bazin workshop grew to become one of the most successful and renowned in France, and many subsequent makers received training there including his own son, Charles Louis (1881–1953), as well as Victor and Jules Fétique, Louis Morizot père, Marie Louis Piernot, Paul Barjonnet, and Alfred Lamy. In 1907, Charles Louis took over management of the family business while his father continued to make bows until his death. Bows made by Charles Nicolas Bazin are highly desirable among professional players and collectors

Charles Nicolas Bazin Violin Bow, France, 1880

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