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Charles Alfred Bazin, Mirecourt, France, 1940

A fine mint condition violin bow by Charles Alfred Bazin, from one of the most well known and famed 20th century French bowmaking family of makers. 58.5 grams, very nimble, with a focused, colorful tone, with a strong initial resilience and quickness, followed by a supple give afterwards.

"A great C.A. Bazin is hard to come by. Many of them have been played as they have been popular workhorse bows for their generation of musicians, and affordable for all. They handle well and get a refined sound. The Bazins had the influence of the 20th century Parisian makers, which were going away from the more delicate and light late 19th century styles of making. This bow balances both styles well, and being in mint conditon, it is a rare find. His predecessors carry a higher price, so it makes this more affordable example a prime opportunity for one to acquire a top example of this maker." -Thomas

Historical information on C.A. Bazin

Charles Alfred Bazin (1907 - 1987) second son of Charles-Louis (Louis Bazin), with whom he worked (1922). Established on his own accord in 1945, at Mirecourt, succeeded his father in 1952. Retired in 1980, he was the last bow maker of the great family.

Apprentices and workmen who worked for Charles Alfred Bazin included: Francois Lotte, Rene Lotte (cousin of Francois Lotte), Louis Morizot, Louis Gillet, Marcel Lapierre, Jean-Claude Ouchard (son of Emile A. Ouchard) and many others.[

Charles Alfred Bazin, Mirecourt, France, 1940

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