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Charles Adolphe Gand, Paris, France 1850

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Charles Adolphe Gand (1812-1866) was the son and pupil of Charles François Gand known as Gand Père, who was also the successor of LUPOT. He succeeded his father in 1845.
In 1855, his brother Charles Nicolas Eugène became his partner and together they established the firm Gand Frères. Their collaboration lasted until Charles Adolphe Gand's death in 1866.


Honors & Awards
In 1865 Charles Adolphe GAND became Luthier de l'Opéra de Paris (Luthier of the Paris Opera).
He was also the official Luthier de la Musique du Roi (Luthier of the King's Music).

Charles Adolphe GAND received a first-class medal at the 1855 International Paris Exhibition.
He was named Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur (Knight of the Legion of Honor) in 1862.

He was also known to have given special award violins to distinguished French conservatory music students painted with goldleaf along the ribs.


This is C.A. Gand is a full Strad pattern in remarkable condition, with little wear to the varnish. It has a very robust and deep projecting character capable of filling any concert space well. The cello is accompanied by a certficate from Dario D'Atili.

Charles Adolphe Gand, Paris, France 1850

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